Notes from 10/17 Videos

Score: A3 Flocking

General: This score is enjoyable to perform and there are moments in the video that are captivating to watch. Element of teaching/learning through observation. One person trying to be like the other, trying to learn how to do something or be like someone else. I can be like you. Siblings. Job Training. I could imagine some part of a flocking score finding its way into a longer performance. Some of the pedestrian movements seem obvious and over the top such as computer movements. I like when they become strange and over the top. Also, they will take on new meaning when they sit next to movements of a very different quality (theatrical or expressive as in butoh or tanztheater).

Moments to revisit:

0:10-0:45 i like this beginning very much. Particularly like the swaying side to side lumbering bear. Two people dancing together makes it feel like waves in the ocean.

3:05 – 3:20 S is doing “can you hear me movements.” Strong sense that I am trying to be like her, trying to learn from her.

6:04 – 6:17 We stay for a long while in wide legged forward fold with our backs to audiences. This is one of the only still movements in all the improvs from this rehearsal. We appear like mountains in a landscape. We could stay in this static position much longer.

7:00 – 7:16 Fast, calisthenic like movements. Quickly changing forward and back and who is the leader.

7:45 – 7:55 very fast typing while coming to kneeling on ground. Makes this everyday task seem absurd. Love it!


Score: S1 Bird Score

General: I like the use of space in this score. It feels like our bodies really fill it. What motivates me to follow S? How should I approach her?

Moments to revisit:

2:07 – 2:12 Again like the unison rocking/lumbering bear

2:50 – 3:00 Bodies shake

3:38 – 3:55 Stumbling, holding something @ chest, looking around quickly,  making contact. Love it!


Score 2A Standing/Lying

General: I like seeing the same movements being performed in unison while one person stand and the other is lying down. Weird sense of inversion and things falling over/falling apart. What would it look like to change role more quickly?


Open Improv

General: This improv made me think a lot about the problems of sitting and all movements happening in front of us, which I wrote about in my reflection. Brief moments of unison or echos of similar shapes are very satisfying.

Moments to revisit:

:36 – :43 sara does square dance movement with hips. I think if line dances and Deborah Hay

1:33 – 1:35 We both have one hand raised at same time. So satisfying!

2:20 – 2:30 I rock back and forth on my sacrum w knees bent and hands out in front as if typing. I love this. Again reminds me of problem of sitting and everything happening in front of us. We can’t relax! Even when we lie down in our beds our bodies are still in the position from the day of work. I’m like a pathetic rolly polly

4:00 – 4:14 hip thrusting duo. love it!

4:35 – 4:50 S’s lateral stretching