Revised Structure


Bryans story in window….while Bryan is telling his story, Charlie is recording, inside the space, A/S are stirring vortexs, they are on small platforms? with clear jugs. do we have some sort of capes or covering for our uniforms here?

Chime guests in?

Sara begins to tell her story. Of going to a biodynamic farming demonstration at her Tai Chi instructors house. “Learning about microbes and live dirt vs dead dirt. Taking a preparation of this “live dirt” – just one cup or so. Stirring vortexs of water and dirt–taking turns with two urns, 4 or 5 people around each one. Talking shit, telling stories, taking about work, and life, and watching two young lovers, feeling the pull of the water down, my arm becoming a cold paddle then turning it over to the next. Mesmorized. Springs of shrubs cut and handed out with small plastic tubs that were once Cool Whip. Flicking the yard all around with this now magic water. and studying the nature we were nuturing. I rode home with a Cool Whip container of this dirt and I got home and Aurora arrived. I told her, Im sure excitedly, about the vortex and the magic water. Together we went around the yard, front and back, sprinkling and talking, about our mothers, and our fathers, setbacks and dreams, and well now that has led us here. now.”

Aurora tells her story. x.o.

We talk about the order of things to come.

Are you ready?

Ready. etc

begin some shorter? version of 5BX, some vocal warm ups, and then start Nationalismismic Dance. Form a straight tight diagonal, Sara as drill sargent.

Charlie: at 3rd dive down, you fall, you lie, you roll over and stare up before getting up to walk to wall and have a cigarette. you then come back in once you see Sara do Sight Down.

Bryan: at forward block? right after bow stance…you start doing the hambone to a new location TBA and begin new pedestrian dance in your own time.

Aurora: Somewhere in round 4 you begin pedestrian dance in 4/4 time. After some of this you and Sara will both begin double time. this is signal to Charlie and Bryan that we are ending….peel off to costume change.

Sara: In round 5, after nation lunge up, go into can you hear me to transition to new pedestrian dance. After 2-3? rounds go double time with Aurora.

LIGHTING CHANGE, recorded stories repeat?

Sara enters from the back and perches in the audience, the mask facing backward.

Aurora begins laying out the dirt in forground, with mask on back of head.

Bryan puts on his lightening and horizon belt. Begins dance.

Charlie puts on his mask, collects his chicken foot stick and goes to perch.

Sara comes down from audience and gets some of the vortex water in a plastic container, something to flick with. She begins flicking the dirt with the water. She flicks some water around the space. Not too much maybe slippery?! This is a very slow and subtle movement. Charlie leaves perch to stamp it in the dirt.

(We are making some sounds here, work sounds? songs from working men, some kind of chain gang song??–strange idea) Haikus??

Is there a dance with Sara and Aurora here? A duet? totem movements?

Does Charlie want to dance here? Totem movements?

How can we incorporate storytelling here? or some magic/myth? or are we already?

Wigman poses, tighter cluster

Begin Healing Dance

More exstatic movements and specific gestures, listening to each other with our voices not our bodies necessarily. Maybe the light here is very low with some bright spots of color…it is more about the aural sensations?

Charlie call ours end after a set amount of time… 7 min? Culmination has occurred … by ceremoniously (somehow?) handing us our bowls. do we reach for them as he comes? we then chime bowls and Charlie again signals for vocal only by placing his hands on the “speakerbowl” and we hum. or some vowel chant. prolonged.

is there some faint recording that keeps echoing?