Thank you!

WE REACHED OUR GOAL!  We have even exceeded it (which is brilliant b/c taxes and processing fees were not included in our original estimate) We have learned, and we are getting psyched for the show to come. Thank you to everyone who donated so far! We will let you know when the monies are dispersed…special shout outs to our parents, the big backers!! ❤

Now come see it for yourselves, the Mystical Bootcamp.Purchase Tickets online here  We expect a sold out show, so get your tickets while you can!


Revised Structure

Please insert sound cues or make notes where things should be changed! obviously still some things to figure out. thanks!


Bryans head/torso out of sound booth. While Bryan is telling his story, A/S stir vortex? which is downstage R. they find two volunteers before the show, direct them at the beginning somehow..

200 runs. B/C/S do calisthenics. toe touch, situp, boats, push ups while Aurora tells her story. x.o.

Nationalismystic Dance Begin. Diagonal Facing Downstage R. Individually forward facing. All begin, three rounds with music.

Charlie: Round 3, at dive down, fall, lie, and go to wall, have a cigarette. Come back to do nationalismystic half time.

Bryan: Round 3,at forward block hambone to Sara’s old spot and begin new pedestrian dance in your own time.

Aurora: Round 4 you begin pedestrian dance in 4/4 time. Dive down indefinately.

Sara: Round 5, after nation lunge up, go into sight-down to transition to new pedestrian dance. After 3 rounds walk offstage. Bryan then leaves, then Charlie.

Costume Change. Sara first back….spread dirt/sprinkle water….tell story..

sparse sounds of walking in woods, wings flapping, water recordings?

Bryan in mask/horizon dances toward window, Charlie’s masked dance arcs upstage, toward windows. Aurora and Sara duet near dirt?

Charlie tells his story?

Wigman track. Wigman poses, tight cluster, Bryan tells his story, we are frozen in “mama”

Begin Healing Dance. Aurora leads meditation at the mike. Bryan and Sara duet, making noise, Charlie plays his bowls in the dirt. at 9 minutes LOUD DRONE, signals hum. Move dirt. Stand in the dirt. Smoosh while humming.


Dance for 1000 people

WHO: 1000 dancers (600 women and 400 men). All are same age (early 20’s). All slender, with average build. All have blond hair and blue eyes. All are smiling for the duration of the dance.

WHERE: Large stadium with enough room for 1000 performers. The audience views performance from overhead. Wrigley Stadium would work.

WHY: To celebrate the strength and glory of our great nation, the United States of America. Performed as opening ceremony for special event such as sporting event, Memorial Day, or inauguration.

Enter: 600 women from opposite sides of the stadium. They form 6 lines. All are holding tennis rackets.

**The women do a short dance with their tennis rackets. It is sporty, yet balletic


Lines 1 & 2 come in closer to one another. 3 & 4 and 5 & 6 do the same. They step close together, then out, close together, then out






The dancers frolick into concentric circle configuration. On the way, they put their racquets down.

Women hold hands. They begin side-stepping. Each circle moves in the opposite direction as the circles closest to it. Still holding hands, the women begin folding forward and backward, each circle alternating directions. All  turn and face out. Girls perform **short choreography that includes salutes and other patriotic movements.



Once again the girls form 6 lines and run off the same way they entered






Enter: 400 men from back of stadium. They leap frog from back to front to make 6 lines.

Starting from crouching position, they perform **Men of Our Country dance

Men march off to get weights. They return and perform **short weight dance



Enter: 600 women from all 4 sides. They join the formation of men, creating rows within the rows. All are close together.

Moving as a mass, they create a human fountain. In the middle of fountain, men lift women on their shoulders to create the impression of water erupting from the center. The human fountain pulses in and out as entire group performs choreography stepping close together, then out.