about us

We are Aurora Tabar and Sara Zalek, and we are working on a performance for a residency at Links Hall, called LinkUp. We are posting our studio notes and reflections here, as a public record of our art making practice. We are working with two other artists as collaborators, Bryan Saner and Charlie Universe.

If you have stumbled upon this by so happenstance, enjoy the serendipity, and perhaps you will see or feel something that resonates with you.

Here is the current description of our piece:

Mystical Bootcamp is a ritual performance journey into the vortex. Inspired by shamanism, Mary Wigman, magic, animals, the Occupy movement, Kazuo Ohno, calisthenics of the Royal Canadian Air Force, Yvonne Rainer, and biodynamic agriculture, we investigate how creating a performance can be an act of healing. We invite the audience into a shamanistic complex in which audience, performers, and performance space together create a field of magic. Sara will lecture on biodynamic preparations. Aurora will conduct a dance of American nationalism. Bryan will become a crow and Charlie will create sonic vibrations. With dance, masks, and ritual drama as our tools, we invoke a transformation.


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