what Karen Faith said.

As I walked down the stairs to re-enter the world, your harmonies made themselves at home in my chest, humming open the back door of my heart. Bryan thank you for reminding me that the moon is a finite thing, that locomoting in mayurasana, like most magic, is yes insane but not impossible. Aurora, thank you for opening the vortex, for being its ambassador, for going where I could not go, for traveling into the great beyond and distilling its essence. Sara, thank you for dirt. Thank you for your brave hands, the diligence of your courage, how patient and willing your body is to accept what will come. You caught fire a few times. I saw a spark shoot up the middle of you, your limbs snapping sharply with the charge of it. It is hard to be so patient. It is hard to be so willing. Please tell Mr Universe I say thank you for the bass, for the dance and song. Tell him we knew about him that he was a warlock and it scared us. We watched him, feeling his power, wondering how he might conquer us. Thank him for his mercy, for giving us small, chewable bites, for refraining from destroying us too soon.


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