Yumiko Yoshioka about her workshop…

The body is a receptacle of time.
Through an exploration down to a groundless stage of collective memories in our past,
we can strike a vein of abundant resources, enriching the essence of our life.

Everything is connected,
Everything is in resonance with each other in this cosmos.
Body Resonance is a key to open up the ever – changing world inside and outside of us – metamorphosis.
She helps the body to open secret doors, extracting the essence from a workshop participant,
holding it until it shines and trembles.
Her background in Butoh, Noguchi Gymnastics, Yoga  and Juken ( chinese soft martial Arts) fill her
with inspiration and flowing energy.

Relaxation lets energy flow, concentration collects the power in your center, imagination is a vehicle
that travels around secret moments.

At first we work consciously towards these objectives until we reach the automatic state of moving.
Through a dialogue with our body, we learn not how to move, but to be moved.
Consequently we realize that we are a part of the  Universal, the  wholeness…
I call my dance approach (or my body work) “Body Resonance.”
The world, including our body and soul, consists of vibrational waves
that create constant resonances like echoes.
When we tune our body to a certain frequency,
we consequently get a resonance, and according to the frequency,
we get different resonances. In order for this to happen,
we need to first get rid of unnecessary tension.
We make a white canvas of our body in order to paint a new color on it.
I teach this as neutralization, encouraging a close to a zero-state,
scouring off rust and polishing antenna to catch waves from a profound layer of the body.

Butoh (dance) for me activates divergent body energies that are usually
not seen or permitted in our daily life. In other words, as our body is
a receptacle of time, we can evoke its forgotten memories through dance.
Butoh has the intensity to trigger that process, because it creates heat
through friction and cold through stillness. The transformations and
concentrations of dancing break up the eggshell of form, melt down our
armor of ego, as our stiff cells and sealed memories float in the primal
liquid of time.

My workshop, hopefully, can offer a help
to enjoy that transformative /transcendental process of our entire presence.

Yumiko Yoshioka (TEN PEN CHii art labor)
c/o Schloss Broellin, D- 17309 Fahrenwalde,   Germany
cellure phone  +49-175-780-9991 (only in Europe)


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