Reflection 12/13

I am mostly thinking about mysticism and nationalism these days. Some inquiries that were part of our original proposal seem to melting away, moving to the background. Instead of dance history we have been discussing the vortex, rituals, totems, nationalism, patriotism, magic, shamans, calisthenics, biodynamics, movement choirs, national character, independence vs. dependence training

I wonder how to push ideas of magic and ritual

I want to work with ritual objects – Dirt?

I want to explore personal and collective trauma but haven’t really figured out how to do so just yet

I want to conduct a dance for 1000 people. I have starting making it. How to describe/demonstrate to audience this dance with only 3 movers in the small Links studio? I am thinking about conformation. The illusion of unity requires discluding people.

I am thinking about sports and patriotism. They go hand in hand! I have been reading about the 1936 Olympics, how it conveyed Germany’s power and strength, the power and strength of the Nazi regime. Martha Graham refused an invitation to perform at the 1936 Olympics, but the American athletes still competed.

I want to invite the audience into a social contract

I want to use LInks Hall as Links Hall, with all its strange nooks and crannys (box office window and all)

I would like to ask audience members to contribute in some way to part of the composition without making everyone feel completely uncomfortable (unless that’s what we are going for)

I want it to feel like the performance is falling apart, failing to succeed at moments

I still wonder how to create a space for tranformation

We need rituals!!!


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