Meeting with Peter on 12/5

On 12/5 we met with Peter. We showed him our totem improv/Wigman gesture sandwich. Here is some of his feedback…

He said he observed a lot of axial movement, which was not what Mary WIgman was interested in. He suggested we look at Laban’s ideas about space and effort and try working with diagonals and circles. He also suggested we play with acceleration

How to push formal concerns?Mary Wigman was very much working formalistically

pushing time. Modernism had a regular, granular relationship to time. Highly rhythmic or highly nonrhythmic

Laban’s movement choirs

He suggested we task one person as the leader during the tableau moments. Others flock? Trying to constantly accelerate or decelerate. Not moving in even tempo

He suggests we look at the work of Anna Halprin. Perhaps she is a link between Wigman and Yvonne Rainer? Rainer believed she could heal her own cancer.

Wigman = social, psychic, formal


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