Studio Notes from 11/9

Meeting with Peter:

Quotes from Wigman book:
staging self-transformation
demonic energy

Wigman pulled from ideas of Orient – that could account for strange connections btwn witch dance and Chi Gong

we should use mirrors for our maskwork

***try using pedestrian score with Wigman movements or doing witch dance in very pedestrian way!!! – I am very interested in this!

About Bryan score Peter says:
could be the 1dt 3 minutes of 5 minute score
how do we get the first 3 minutes to pay off?
we could subvert the end of the score by playing with time?
24 second smoosh?
P like the attention it take to stay with it (don’t get that from video)
liked that we had to keep looking back at score drawing
**Where does the authority in the room lie? In dancers’ bodies or with some outside presence? Related to Occupy Chicago! Something offstage that we are referring to that knows more than us


1st rehearsal with Charlie:

using motion sensors – setting up to tape recorders
graphic scores, graphic notation, Guillermo Gregorio **could be related to bryan’s score
fractal image generator
pairing pedestrian movements with mircomelodies
playing with dynamics – sound gets quieter as moving bodies get closer
“In C” Terry Riley – hallmark minimalist piece
healing quality of minimalist music
singing – adding tones for each row of bryan’s diagram
A, S, C improvise together after B is gone **so much more expression in movement when sound is involved!


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