10/31 Halloween Qi Gong

Today Sharon comes to work with us in the studio. We try to describe why we think Qi Gong might be important to our project. Thinking about healing. Thinking about ritual and forms that heal the body. Wondering how movements of Qi Gong might influence our movements and be reflected somehow in the dance. Moving energy.

heaven energy

body energy


earth energy

She says that Qi Gong is a ritual used to connect one to the spirit. We do a short warm up with her. She says the intention of the warm up is to open the different channels of the body – side body (liver), back body (kidneys), front body…
Then we follow her in a form. It takes up 24 minutes to do the form. The movements are very subtle yet precise. Lots of turning, shifting, and movements with arms.

Bryan asks Sharon if the practice, the form, evolves as knowledge of the body evolves. Sharon does not exactly know.

After Sharon leaves we dance along to Trio A. Bryan and Sara follow Yvonne and I follow Sara. Afterwards we show each other our 3 minute dances. Sara dances hers and then I dance mine. Bryan shares a diagram he has made for his score which looks like a pyramid. We try to dance part of it.

Sara accidentally says: “The wind is a muscle”
She describes a dream: “He became the husk of a seed and I became a little rock”


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