Movements from transportation:

Sara: Smooshing
Bryan: Ankle
Aurora: Bike position

We have a meeting with Peter. We dance along to Trio A. He asks us what we want to get from Trio A. We are not sure, exactly. He tells us we should just do what we want with it, but that we must be sure to leave time to do so. He tells us we know a lot about the dance.

He makes suggestions how to play with Trio A:
– videotaping ourselves dancing along and then using that video next time around
– one person follows video, the next person follows that person dancing, the last person follows the second person
– talking while dancing? Self-reflexivity? **I love this! – “Dances that Describe Themselves” by Susan Foster
– pick out our favorite moments/movements from Trio A and create new dance from them

– 3-ring rehearsal: We don’t all have to be doing the same thing at the same time! We can flip a coin to decide what to do

What we did in rehearsal:
Warm Up
5 BX – level?
reviewed movements of work and learned movements of transportation
open improv with these movements, incorporating some flocking

Assignment: Create a 3-minute dance from work and transportation movements. Include 1-2 movements of locomotion from Trio A


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