What we did:

Warm Up/Stretching
5BX: C-
Watched Trio A and danced along
Taught each other movements from work
Flocking score w/ movements from work
Open improv **influence from work movements and Trio A
Watched Trio A and danced along

Movements from work:
Neck Swipes – on back of neck x4 + hands on shoulders exhale
Computer ball – knees bent on balls of feet. Typing, mouse, eyes, head right left
Fed up – right leg weighted right hand on hip, left fingers touching forehead

Thai massage lunge
Lumbering bear
If you can hear my voice…

Sighting – pick up wood w/ right hand, look at line, hold both arms out, step L foot forward, bend down, look at line. R hand to cheek
Dust Cloth – pick up two hands, walk around cloth, pick up both ends on other side. Throw and fold, throw and fold. R knee comes up to drape, fold once more on vertical.
PDA Gesturing – Left palm up. Right hand down, r wrist on top of left wrist. Open. Two R fingers to R temple, circle forward. L hand circles inward to L temple


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