Pedestrian Predicament

We started by watching Trio A
We watch and dance along and hope to learn by doing. How much we will take away as time passes?
We collect movement from our work, from walking, and riding the train
We call these pedestrian movements
What is it to be pedestrian, to be a pedestrian
Merriam-Webster says:

commonplace, unimaginative
going or performed on foot
of, relating to, or designed for walking

There is a power belonging to a mass of pedestrian. But a single pedestrian crossing the street is vulnerable.

What are the commonplace elements of my life?

The problem of sitting – My Thai massage teacher says Westerners have a problem with sitting. We do it too much and we sit in chairs, which throws off our spinal alignment, disengages our abs, and shortens our hamstrings. He encourages us to sit on the floor as much as possible.

All movement happens in the front body – Typing, driving, biking, reaching. Almost all movements we perform involve reaching forward in some capacity. This shortens the muscles in the front body and elongates and strains the muscles of the back body. The most important thing we can do for ourselves is open up our chests, allow the front body muscles to lengthen and the back body muscles to relax.

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