Stretch – Aurora – grounding, Sara- re-energizing
5bx, Category 1, D Level
Watch trio A dance along, discussed the difference and difficulty of mirroring and mimicking, getting lost in space and limbs
Put up image wall, added some images

Review pedestrian movements- talk about them as task-based movements, observing the body and finding the repetition or uniqueness, holds some some expression

Share scores and try some out
Score 1. Accumulation. 1-2 min walking on stage
2-4 add computer
4-8 add neck and fed up
8-12 add tai massage
12-15 if you can hear me.

Score 2.Standing and lying down. 10 minutes.
All movements plus walking. One person must always be standing the other always lying down. So if one lies down, the other must stand

Score 3. Dancers on the diagonal, flocking
All the movements are possible except for walking. Person in the fronts always the leader.

Score 4 &5.
100/200 switch. When one person decides to switch the other must follow

Speed 50/200. One person always 50, the other always 200

Both 10 min.

Score 1. Birds.
Fleeing and chasing. 3 times, come together, then fly apart.

Score 2. Graph. 10 min.
2.5 min Slow rise,  15 sec.fast drop, 2 min slow rise, 3 min. plateau, long 2 sec drop, 1.5 min plateau to end

Score 3. A B Switch roles B A

10 min each

To do for Wed. please review look for wnpm notes
2 More movements, transportation. more specific score for birds, AB/BA.


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