Process into product?

Wondering how the process builds, how things are selected, edited, shifted around, and perfected. How to create something that builds, that has momentum? I am having trouble connecting the process to the product but then I tell myself not to worry about it right now. Our process does not have to look like anyone else’s. Our ‘performance’ could take any imaginable shape. Right now I do not know the answers to the questions we are asking. I do not have a vision for a finished product. I am, however, picturing dresses. I want Sara to give a rambling monologue about how things were supposed to be one way but they did not work out. Right here and right now will never happen again. That’s the brilliance of live performance. I imagine the performance will involve live teaching. These elements are so minimalist. I am envisioning maximalism as well – costumes and makeup and elaborately theatrical moments. I doubt my ability to stage these moments now. I don’t understand what theater is anymore. Spectacle perplexes me but we will just keep moving forward.


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