5/12 agenda
5BX -begin D minus
Watch trio and dance along
Shared pedestrian movements
Posted manifesto in studio and blog
Start wall hanging
short improv, drawings
Watch trio A and dance along

Assignments for Charlie and Bryan
Movements from your work
Charlie sounds from his work and piece of music for learning
Images related to any of the things we talked about
Link to blog, add them as admins if they want to write on it

For Bryan’s first day
Teach each other movements
Improvise with just these movements with specific structure (come up with that)

Movements from work
Back of neck swipes x4 + hands on shoulders exhale
Ball sitting and typing
Thai massage lunge
Lumbering bear
Typing, mouse, eyes, head right left
Fed up, right leg weighted right hand on hip, left hand on forehead
If you can hear me, put your hands in the air

For monday
Write some improv scores

Misc. Notes:
– Manifesto on back wall as backdrop? Could be digital projection, perhaps changing, evolving. Create program on Processing? **Blotting out accumulation of words
– Propose Group Hug for General Assembly – there is a need for healing!
– For first day rehearsal with Bryan (10/24): improvise work movements using scores


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