Breakdown of Units


Yvonne Rainer (Oct. 24-Nov. 3):
– Dancing along to video of Trio A – how long will it take us to learn it? How much will we take away?
– No Manifesto – learn and create our own
– Investigate Performance Demonstration, Performance Fractions, Composite

Wigman (Nov. 7 – Nov. 21):
– look at witch dance
– use movements to create our own dance
– masks
– exaggerated body positions (images)

Butoh (Nov. 28-Dec. 7)
– “Girl” Hijikata
– Poem instructions Hijikata
– Diego explorations
– Elements of nature
– Lily comes in to teach us!
– surreal landscape – dream sequence

Bausch (Dec. 12-21):
– learn some choreography
– create own choreography
– props, costumes, sets **dirt
– work with images
– dance of national group identity?

Deborah Hay (Jan. 2 – Jan. 4):
– Try some circle dances
– what is she doing now?
– may influence how we use the space *grid?
– may influence how audience interacts/participates with piece


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